5 Richest SNL Cast Members Ever, Sorted by Net Worth

In addition to being one of the longest-running television programs still in existence, Saturday Night Live has given rise to some of the most well-known actors and comedians of the past fifty years. 

It's a tried-and-true formula: talented actor + one or two seasons of Saturday Night Live = greater success in movies and TV shows.

Even though the cast members of Saturday Night Live don't make small change, their pay pales in contrast to what they can earn when they achieve even greater levels of fame.

Based on their stated net worth, the following 20 SNL cast members—some of whom you might not even recall—are the wealthiest.

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Chevy Chase: $50 million

Christopher Guest: $60 million

Billy Crystal: $60 million

Chris Rock: $60 million

David Spade: $70 million

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