'1923's Africa Storyline Is a Cinematic Masterpiece

What is our masterpiece to behold in 1923, you ask? That would be Spencer Dutton in Africa. The storyline now includes a potential romance with Julia Schlaepfer's Alexandra, 

 played by Brandon Sklenar, but what makes that B-plot so beautiful in comparison to the rest of the series is that it gives us a glimpse of a world far beyond the Yellowstone Ranch. 

 and when we do check in, there is always some action going on.

The finish of the first episode of 1923 flows into the start of the second, in which Spencer takes on a leopard and wins all by himself. It feels so fresh because we're acclimated 

to the old way of life since it's so cinematic in comparison to what's going on back at the ranch. Again, this is not a bad thing; it is simply what we know about the series.

We may think differently if the Yellowstone universe began in 1923, but because Yellowstone Ranch is our home base, the Africa arc is so thrilling.

The truth is that it is fresh and new, which is why it is appealing. With a program like this, we know the ins and outs of the Dutton family, and even when we meet new people,

it's still more of the family we've grown to love over the years. But Spencer up and leaving the United States for Africa? 

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