Wellington Water has confirmed an employee is being investigated after she posted a video online claiming to have spent the work day “slacking off”.

This comes as the beleaguered agency is desperately urging residents to conserve water this summer, while up to 45% of the region’s water is leaking from ageing pipes.

The “day-in-the-life” style video was posted to video-sharing website Vimeo and shows the woman going into work at the Wellington Water building in Lower Hutt.

Speaking in Mandarin, the woman said she had been working at home for two days “half lying down”, which she explained was “actually doing nothing”.

On her third day back after the New Year, her partner made her go to the office because he was worried she would be fired, she said.

But the woman said she did not feel sorry for doing nothing at work, so she took an hour-long coffee break and left early to open her mail at home.

Wellington Water said it was undertaking an internal staff investigation with the employee as part of the organisation’s code of conduct principles.

The region’s water provider says the video is not representative of Wellington Water staff who are a dedicated team.