The Green Party has hit out at the Government’s 36-point “action plan”, calling it “PR spin” and “as pointless as it is hollow”.

The Labour Party has also responded to the plan, saying the country is not a company and should not be run like one.

The Government today announced its 36-point action plan, the successor to its 49-point 100-day plan, which was completed on March 8.

Labour is saying the country shouldn’t be run like a company, while the Greens are calling the plan “a 36-point bingo card”.

The new plan includes items such as delivering the Budget, and legislating for tax cuts, and “take decisions” on a dozen things, such as the reform of the Holidays Act.

It also included raising “the energy” New Zealand brought to its international relations.

The 36-point plan can be found here.

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon said the plan was focused on three areas – rebuilding the economy, restoring law and order and delivering better public services – a key messaging line from the party’s 2023 election campaign.

The next three months has been charted in a to-do list unveiled by Prime Minister Christopher Luxon.

In response to the announcement, Green Party co-leader Chlöe Swarbrick said there were no surprises nor “meaningful solutions” in the Government’s “bingo card for environmental destruction and trickle-down economics”.

“Christopher Luxon is not in the boardroom anymore. The irony is these bullet points wouldn’t even hold up in the corporate world: vague, immeasurable and untethered from reality and evidence as they are.

“What on earth does raising the energy New Zealand brings to international relationships mean? For who precisely, and how in reality, does the Government want to ‘improve the rental market’?”

She said when someone showed you who they were you should believe them and the Government had shown that its focus was “squarely on gutting environmental, climate and social gains in order to line the pockets of a few at the top”.

“They could at least be honest about it.”

Labour’s deputy leader Carmel Sepuloni said the Government “should ‘raise the energy’ on cost of living support for New Zealanders”.

“Our country isn’t a company and shouldn’t be run like one.

“Kiwis deserve a Government that chooses cost of living support for those who need it, like free prescriptions, half price public transport and free and healthy school lunches, rather than $2.9 billion for landlords.”

She said it showed the Government’s “latest list” showed coalition partner ACT had “won out over New Zealand First “in a big way”.

“It makes us wonder who’s calling the shots.”

ACT ‘making a difference’ – Seymour

David Seymour said ACT policies made up half of the 36 actions in the plan, and his party was “making a difference in this coalition Government”, which was “evidenced by the new quarterly plan”.

“New Zealanders working hard every day to better themselves deserve a Government as fiscally responsible as they are, a Government that protects them from crime, and a Government that delivers services without discrimination.

“ACT policies form the leading edge of the Government’s new quarterly plan, just as they did in the initial 100-day plan.”