The Council of Trade Unions said a new survey it conducted showed working people are concerned about the cost of living under the new Government.

But the coalition Government said a better survey of the mood of working people and their faith in the Government was the election – which delivered a change of Government.

The survey, the sixth ‘Mood of the Workforce’ conducted annually by the CTU, gathered 2000 responses. Responses were from people who responded to an email from the CTU to a random selection of 50,000 people from the CTU’s ‘Together’ email list.

The email list is a database of people the CTU had contacted with over the last seven years via petitions, parliamentary submission calls, community events, and fundraising for community causes.

The CTU – which is closely aligned with, although not part of, the Labour Party – said the results of the survey showed more than two-thirds of working people felt the Government would make it harder to meet cost of living pressures, and more than three quarters of respondents believed the Government’s policies would make it harder to secure a “fair” pay rise.

President Richard Wagstaff said the results showed working people felt “insecure at work”.

“The feedback from this year’s survey is that many people are worried about the future of their jobs and well-being of their families.

“It’s clear the rushed and backwards looking repeal of employment legislation passed without consultation has signalled to working people that the Government does not care about their interests or the interests of most New Zealanders.

“These concerns are held across all age and gender cohorts in the results and are consistent across union members and non-union members.”

Wagstaff said the survey’s results showed it was “clear” people wanted “real change in New Zealand’s political and economic direction toward increased fairness and investment in people and their futures”.

“That’s something all parties, in government and opposition, need to listen to.”

Finance Minister Nicola Willis said the coalition Government was committed to delivering for working New Zealanders and helping hard-working people to get ahead.

“This is not a useful survey.

“The 4% response rate suggests the general election, in which people voted for change, was a much better guide to public opinion.”