An Auckland motorist was in “disbelief” as a large amount of scaffolding crashed onto the road this morning, forcing a number of vehicles to swerve out of the way.

Grant, who did not want his last named used, said he was driving along Peach Parade, Ellerslie, at about 11.35am when the scaffolding came down.

“It was unbelievable. I was going slow at about 35km/h when I saw it start going sideways.”

Grant said one motorist who was driving a Tesla with a dog in the front was in “shock” after the incident. He said the car took the majority of the damage.

“The dog was in the front left of the car where the scaffolding did most of the damage. The [Tesla] sunroof was cracked too, the glass must be pretty strong. His car was quite damaged.”

Grant said he was “lucky” to avoid most of the scaffolding after swerving to the right as he saw the cars in front of him do the same.

The Tesla sunroof had been cracked.

“I was on a work call and had to say ‘I have to go’.”

Grant said he informed WorkSafe of the incident, as the scaffolding may have “killed someone” if it hit a cyclist or pedestrian.

WorkSafe area manager Danielle Henry told 1News the scaffolding, which was approximately six metres high, came down on a busy road, severely damaged a passing vehicle and caused others to take evasive action.

They confirmed the incident was reported to WorkSafe at about 12.30pm, and an inspector went to the site “shortly afterward”.

Workers near the collapsed scaffolding.

While WorkSafe can’t comment further on the specific cause of the incident at this time, it said there are a number of things anyone involved in the design of the scaffolding systems, or on a worksite currently using scaffolding, should consider and review.

“Scaffolds can be complex pieces of engineering and it’s important that they are designed and constructed by suitably qualified and experienced workers.

“Today’s collapse had the potential for tragic consequences. Please take the time to check any scaffolding present on your worksite to ensure that it is safe.”

1News has reached out to the construction company and scaffolding company for comment.