Entertainer Pio Terei wants Māori and Pasifika to get around a blood drive this Saturday, organised in the name of his teenage son who died after a battle with leukaemia.

Teina Terei was just 17 when he died in 2016.

Tearing up, Pio Terei told Breakfast this morning: “It’s always yesterday.

“Having the kaupapa around him brings him closer. It’s a challenging time and I’m a big sook.”

Jonnie Morath, a friend of Teina’s, was with Pio on the Breakfast couch.

He joined the bone marrow registry and was selected in 2018.

“And yeah, I was able to give some bone marrow and give the ultimate koha and save a life,” Morath said. “It was quite easy, actually.”

The pair want more people to donate blood and join the bone marrow registry.

“It’s also for us about educating our whānau about the fact that, this is the ultimate koha, this is something we can do to save lives,” Pio said, echoing Morath. “It’s not an issue until you need it or some of your whānau need it.”

Pio said more Māori and Pasifika needed to donate.

“It’s time for us to give because we often take.”

Anyone who wanted to donate this weekend at Te Wānanga Takiura in Auckland’s Mt Albert was urged to sign up online.