Dominic West has revealed that Prince Harry no longer speaks to him after the actor “said too much” about the royal at a press conference.

The pair were once close friends and trekked to the South Pole together in aid of veterans charity Walking for the Wounded in 2013.

The following year, West told reporters Harry was “a really cool guy” and “very much part of the team”.

However, he added that the then 29-year-old prince made “eye-wateringly rude jokes” and drank champagne out of a prosthetic leg.

Speaking to Times Radio, West – who plays Prince Charles in the last two series of The Crown – revealed his candid admissions had cost him his friendship with the Duke of Sussex.

When asked if he had got Prince Harry’s “take” on how to play his father, West said he no longer had his number.

He added: “I said too much in a press conference, and so we didn’t speak after that.”

When pressed by presenter Kate McCann, West said: “I think I was asked what did you do to celebrate when you got there and probably said something too much.”

The charity trek saw servicemen and women skiing across 208 miles of hostile conditions in temperatures that plunged as low as minus 50 degrees.

Some of the team were double amputees and one teammate’s prosthetic legs were used to hold champagne.

Referring to the antics, Mr Slater told the MailOnline: “We decided to use my legs as a primitive ice bucket. I don’t know why we did it, but we did!”

Last week, West said he still agonises about taking the role of Prince Charles because of its scrutiny of the Royal family’s private lives and admitted that he felt “uncomfortable” that the grief for Princess Diana “may be too recent”.

Speaking to BBC Radio, he suggested the role could cost him future honours.

He said: “I suppose having to forgo the British Empire Medal that I might have got for services to acting.”

When asked if he had met the present King in real life, West said: “I have. I’ve done a bit of stuff for the Prince’s Trust so I’ve stood in line and shook his hand a couple of times, so not particularly intimate. Those invitations dried up.”

The Telegraph has approached a representative of Prince Harry for comment.