A TikTok video which has been viewed more than 20 million times has been raising eyebrows, with some calling it “overboard” and potentially dangerous.

The short clip, Women’s Cruise Safety Tips, was posted by @victorias.way and shows the vlogger entering the cruise cabin, before going through an elaborate security regime.

While some steps are obvious, like ‘close the door and turn on the light’ and ‘close the peephole’, others involve more extensive barricading of the door with a variety of items including a coat hanger, towel and heavy furniture.

She also suggests installing a wireless security camera “in an inconspicuous place”.

The video has certainly provoked a strong reaction with nearly 20,000 comments, with some calling it “overboard”.

“At what point does this go from being safe to being paranoid?” was one comment.

Many point out that in an emergency, she wouldn’t be able to leave the room quickly.

Some joked that she didn’t go far enough, “I typically hook up a car battery to the door handle too. Just to be extra cautious”, while others said she would “miss half of each day just getting out”.

One commentator pushed back against the criticism: “I’m pretty sure she showing a bunch of options. It’s not all intended to be used together at the same time.”

Another pointed out: “Whats (sic) sad is while this may be extreme, women feel the need to do this type of stuff in the first place.”

While the precautions may be elaborate, The Washington Post reported on Friday that sex crimes on cruises to and from the US have increased last year.

It said the FBI had received 39 reports of sexual assault and 58 reports of rape from passengers from January to September. The statistics for the rest of the year have not been released.

In all of 2022, there were 87 incidents of sexual assault and that is only the number that is known, with the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network saying more than two out of three sexual assaults are not reported.

A previous video posted on @victorias.way’s page showed her elaborate system for securing a hotel door.

The vlogger has been contacted by Stuff Travel for comment.