A mother and daughter were left stunned when they boarded a flight and found they were the only two passengers in economy class.

Zoe Doyle, 25, and her mother Kimmy Chedel, 59, were flying with Emirates from Seychelles International Airport when they boarded the empty aircraft.

The pair were on their way to Switzerland – with a layover in Dubai – to spend Christmas with family.

They filmed a video showing Zoe dancing down a passenger aisle and making snow angels on the floor of the plane, while her mum Kimmy tries on a cabin crew’s hat.

According to Zoe, a swimwear business owner, it was a “complete surprise” to find the plane empty.

She said: “We had no idea we were the only ones. There were four others, I think, that were in first class but they were totally separate from us, so we were basically the only ones.

“Because it was monsoon season in the Seychelles, as well as being Christmas Day, it just meant no one was flying I guess.”

The flight attendants made the most of having only two passengers to look after, speaking to Zoe and her Mum lots and even giving them a tour of the plane.

Zoe, who is originally from Montreal, Canada but now lives in Cape Town, South Africa, said: “All the flight attendants were so excited that it was empty.

“They said it never happens. We got a little tour of the plane, although we still weren’t allowed into first class.

“It was so much fun. We were chatting with the flight attendants and filming funny videos with them.

“They even got a Polaroid camera out and dressed my Mum up in the cabin crew uniform. It was great.”

– SWNS via AP