More birds have been allegedly poisoned at an Auckland park for the second time in under a week.

Auckland Council said it was notified on Friday afternoon of birds being unwell at Sherwood Reserve in Browns Bay.

“Our staff immediately inspected the location and collected around 20 dead birds,” said parks and community facilities head of area operations Julie Pickering.

“Another 20-30 birds appeared unwell at that time.”

She said that signs were installed following the initial incident last Monday, and that the council was still working to establish what has affected the birds.

Pickering said it is always distressing to receive reports of animals or birds being in poor health and it is particularly worrying if they have been harmed.

Vet nursing student Freya Rhodes works as support staff at a local veterinarian and told 1News the scene at the park was “eerie and heartbreaking”.

“It didn’t feel right that a place that is usually full of birds that I had witnessed less than 24 hours before the first incident was now empty and quiet.”

Rhodes took the birds back to her vet for monitoring and said she believed that it was “most likely poisoning” due to the birds being able to fully recover with “very simple” treatment and stabilisation.

Video and images sent to 1News show multiple ducks and pigeons appearing to be extremely disoriented, with many others dead.

Police said it received a report on Friday evening from someone alleging that a woman had been poisoning birds at Sherwood Reserve.

“The report is being assessed,” a spokesperson said.

Alina Tokaeva was walking home on Friday night when she saw a post on Facebook that dead birds had been found at Sherwood Reserve around 7pm.

“Since I live quite close to the park, I decided just to come by and see what’s happening.”

Upon arriving, she saw two good samaritans loading “boxes and boxes” of dead and sick birds into their cars to be taken for investigation.

Tokaeva said the alleged poisonings made her feel “really awful” and angry that nothing was being done.

“I think people need to realise that this is quite serious. If someone is out there poisoning animals, and if they have access to this poison, they could now target other animals or even people.”

SPCA inspectorate team lead Andre Williams confirmed it is investigating complaints about several unwell and deceased birds in Browns Bay.

“Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact SPCA.”