A retrofuturistic circular property nicknamed ‘The Lighthouse’ is on the auction block — and it’s gone global.

The home, located on Maraetai Beach in East Auckland, offers stunning views of the sea and bush by rotating on command.

“We have an on/off switch. We can go left or right. It does do a complete 360 continuously,” NZ Sotheby’s International Realty’s Carolyn Hanson explained.

A central beam allows it to turn like a carousel, moving 1.2 metres per minute. It takes 33 minutes for the home to do a full 360-degree rotation.

The home’s owner, Don Dunick, told 1News he’s often asked why he wanted a revolving house.

“The first question I say is, ‘Well, tell me any advantage with a fixed one’.”

The 80-year-old engineer was currently living in Australia, but has spent several stints living in the house since it was built in the 1990s.

He said its unique design has often come in handy.

“The sun had moved round and got in the front of my TV, so I thought, ‘I’ll move the house’,” Dunick said, laughing.

It took five years for him and his colleagues to design and create a system where water, electricity and sewage were independent and could rotate with the house.

The Lighthouse was valued at $1.07 million but expected to sell for much more.

“We’re totally disregarding that because of this absolute unique property,” Hanson said.

“That’s why we’ve gone to international tender. It is fully relocatable. Someone could have this in Whangamatā, Dubai — who knows?”

Dunick hoped the next owner would love the house as much as he had.

“I feel really, really happy to achieve it, you know? It was amazing,” he said, becoming emotional.

Hanson said the home has received “massive interest” since going on the market and had its first open home one week ago.

“Since then, we’ve gone absolutely global,” she said.

The tender closes at the end of March, unless it is sold prior.