Police have released the name of a man who died jumping from a crane in Wellington Harbour on Friday afternoon.

He was 33-year-old Jarreth Colquhoun.

His body was found by divers around 2.35pm on January 26, after he jumped from a crane on a boat permanently moored in the harbour.

“Police are assisting the coroner with routine inquiries into his death,” police said today.

Shortly after the incident, police said a rāhui will be put in place.

A witness at the scene told 1News that a man climbed all the way to the top of the crane.

Another said that they saw him in the air and heard a splash, but that no one could see him when they looked over.

“He came up floating, and everyone was like ‘oh, he’s not like face up’, and so a bunch of people jumped in and they kept looking for him but then he’s sunk.”

It is the third death to occur after someone jumped from the Hikitia Floating Crane.

A 20-year-old died jumping from it after a night out in 2015.

A week before his death, a video of a person filmed jumping from the crane had gone viral, sparking warnings from police.

The crane is owned by the Maritime Heritage Trust of Wellington and spokesman Malcolm McGregor told 1News the trust had recently installed a CCTV system to monitor the vessel.

After the previous death in 2015, the trust discussed safety measures with Wellington City Council and concluded that fencing or other measures would not stop someone who was determined to climb the crane.