As temperatures soar and Kiwis flock to the beach, the habits of some beachgoers have caught the ire of returning Breakfast host Daniel Faitaua.

It didn’t take long for Faitaua, who is back on the show after leaving to be TVNZ’s Europe Correspondent in 2019, to turn his attention towards those blasting their tunes as he tried to relax over summer.

“I know everyone it’s been hot out there, humid and muggy, but just a wee gripe,” he began.

“I love going to the beach, I pack my towel, unroll my towel, put on my lotion, I’m just lying there with my sunnies, taking in the sun and then I hear music next door to me, like a boom going off, young ones, laughing, but the boom is playing this kind of music that has words you can’t describe on TV, it is angry music.”

Faitaua said he approached one group and asked them if they had headphones. They didn’t, and refused his offer to use his.

“I don’t need to hear it when I’m lying on the beach and I don’t think anyone else wants to hear it.”

Faitaua reckoned there should be people who can issue fines to those blasting music.

Fellow presenter Chris Chang found himself agreeing, with a walk in they Bay of Islands disrupted by someone playing loud music from a portable speaker.

“Not just the beaches, extend it,” Chang said.

Last year Portugal’s National Maritime Authority warned it could fine individuals up to $7000 and groups $64,000 for playing music too loudly.