Queenstown Lakes District Council contractors and officers are responding to an overflow of partially treated wastewater from one of the oxidation ponds at Shotover Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The council’s acting general manager for property and infrastructure Simon Mason said effluent had made its way from the pond to a “small section” of swamp nearby.

He also understands no contamination had reached Shotover River.

“Crews are currently onsite working to resolve the issue and determine exactly what has caused the pond to overtop,” said Mason.

“We’ve closed Shotover Delta Road as a precautionary measure as we make the necessary repairs.”

Walking tracks in the area remained unaffected and open to the public.

QLDC has notified Otago Regional Council’s (ORC) Pollution team of the overflow, and ORC compliance officers were on-site to investigate.

The spill is not linked to ongoing repairs at Shotover Wastewater Treatment Plant, as crews continue to work to resolve problems with the facility’s aeration grids, a QLDC spokesperson added.

Mason shared a temporary aerator was in operation at the treatment plant, and spare parts from the United States had arrived and were currently being installed at the facility.

“As these repairs are made, the biological process treating the wastewater will progressively recover over the coming days and weeks and we hope to see the end of odour in the area soon after that.”