Two original scripts for Friends episodes set in the UK are being sold at auction after being rescued from a rubbish bin.

Hanson Ross auctioneer Amanda Butler said the scripts from the season four finale were recovered in 1998 after a staff member at Fountain Studios found them in a bin, BBC reports.

She said they should have been destroyed “so the ending wouldn’t be leaked”.

They were used for the two-parter titled The One With Ross’ Wedding.

Parts of the episode were filmed in England with members of the main cast, including Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.

The anonymous seller said they had worked at the studios since 1999, keeping the scripts in a bedside table.

“I remember wondering which member of the cast they might have belonged to,” they said.

“When I came to clear my desk, I just swept everything into a big cardboard box. I forgot the scripts were there.

“They ended up in a bedside drawer, and they’ve been there ever since. I could have quite easily have thrown them out.”

The seller said the scripts “deserve to be owned by a big Friends fan”.

It’s not clear who the scripts belonged to on set, but Butler says it would’ve been someone in the cast or crew.

“There is a sticker for a chap called John Lanzer who is a set designer, so they possibly could have been his,” she said.

Set to go up for auction later today (NZ time), the scripts are expected to fetch between £600 (NZ$1277) and £800 (NZ$1636).

Butler warned that dedicated fans might go over the estimated sale price.

“The sky’s the limit. If people want them, they will bid for them,” she said.