An enthusiastic planespotter who made headlines last year after planes struggled to land during high winds has made a comeback after an American Airlines flight wobbled through Storm Gerrit in the UK.

In a video posted on social media by Big Jet TV by Jerry Dyer, the plane could be seen drifting on its approach to touch down into London Heathrow on Wednesday (Thursday NZT).

Dyer, who hit the headlines last year following his commentary on plane landings during Storm Eunice last year, described the 777 plane’s unstable landing as “insane”.

The one-minute video has been viewed more than 2 million times so far and features Dyer’s comedic reaction of disbelief as the plane is moved by the storm’s high winds.

As it comes into land, an excitable Dyer is heard saying: “Oh, oh, oh, stop that. Oh my God mate. Now you tell me those pilots weren’t like ‘Oh flippin’ heck, hold on a minute!’”

Posting the clip on X, he wrote: “Strong, gusting crosswind elements catching-out even the most seasoned pilots!”

It comes as Storm Gerrit batters the UK for a second day, causing a “localised tornado” in Greater Manchester overnight that damaged more than 100 homes.