Northland beaches and New Zealand kai has been named among some of the best, underrated destinations in the world.

Joining the likes of Spain, Montenegro and the Solomon Islands, Northland has been added to the list compiled by the Sydney Morning Herald.

“New Zealand’s most northerly point tapers towards the confluence of two erratic bodies of water: the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. The journey to Cape Reinga is as changeable as the oceans, a traverse of kauri forests, crescent bays, immense wetlands and sprawling silica dunes,” the accolade reads.

New Zealand as a whole was also mentioned for the “seriously exciting things happening in restaurants,” with the likes of Monique Fiso and Giulio Sturla name dropped.

The accolade says: “Here are some seriously exciting things happening in restaurants across the ditch, with a swag of uber-talented, creative chefs such as Monique Fiso at Wellington fine-diner Hiakai, Vaughan Mabee at Queenstown’s haute cuisine specialist Amisfield, and Giulio Sturla at the wildly creative locavore eatery Mapu Test Kitchen outside Christchurch, attracting global attention.”

The article mentions other greats such as Japan, Peru and Turkey, while also sharing its opinion on overrated destinations, like Hawaii – “massively over-inflated prices, huge crowds, lousy food, charges at hotels for every little extra, long distances between attractions, and lots and lots of holidaying Americans,” Dubai, described as “artificial and soulless” and Los Angeles – “blistering, desert-hot with far too little greenery.”