It’s a brand New Year, and if our recent purchases are anything to go by, we’re feeling virtuous, optimistic and (almost) ready to settle back into work mode.

As always, we’ll be sharing the nice things we bought with our own money each month, offering our genuine recommendations to glow up your life in all areas.

Dyson V8™ Absolute vacuum, $500 (on sale)

I was caught up in the Boxing Day sales this year, as we were in the market for a new fridge (I’ve had mine since I first went flatting…so a loooooong time). In the midst of practical fridge shopping, Dyson’s markdowns caught my eye – including this, which was almost half off. I’m now a Dyson convert who actually enjoys vacuuming, who knew… Also very fitting with my end of year/new year cleaning and clearing out tradition. – Zoe Walker Ahwa

Zoe’s shiny new tools. Photos / Supplied

Rose Inc concealer brush, $42

I went into Mecca to get a new foundation brush from Rose Inc, but ended up walking out with this instead. I don’t wear much makeup but I do love Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s brushes – soft, and chic. – ZWA

See Also Patreon subscription, $10.35 a month

One of my favourite podcasts, Who Weekly, had a really candid and wide-ranging discussion on a recent episode around the financial state of the podcasting industry and how editorial and commercial directions are being influenced by executives.

It was the timely prompt I needed to sign up for the recently launched Patreon programme of See Also, the really great pop culture focused podcast hosted by Kate Jinx and Brodie Lancaster. Their launch episode with guides to Sydney and Melbourne have already made the price worth it. – Tyson Beckett

Reefton Citrus Sunset gin, $65

Tastes like summer. Photo / Supplied

Is it an Ensemble Nice Things list without a fancy bottle of gin? Grapefruit is my all time favourite flavour (Tyson strongly agrees on this, maybe it’s a Virgo thing?) and I was not disappointed by the slightly bitter, blush-coloured tint it gives my summer G&Ts, which I make with a big wedge of grapefruit and sip by the one sunny window in my flat while I read (I’m currently reading Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and it’s a delight). One of my New Year ‘ins’ is to have a stocked liquor cabinet to make cocktails at home, but I am going through this bottle at an alarming rate. – Lara Daly

Fine Ice cucumber infused cubes, $10

Designer ice cubes. Photo / Supplied

Every time I walk out of Farro Grey Lynn, I see a fridge by the door full of these fancy ice cubes and think, ‘that is ridiculous but omg I want to try it’. Over the holidays I finally bought a pack, for my summer G&Ts, and they truly are the most decadent Farro purchase. It’s $10 ice! But I’m glad I scratched that itch. – ZWA

Academy Cinemas membership, $30 for one year

I’d like to thank the Academy… Photo / Supplied

Going to the movies by myself is another thing on my ‘ins’ list for 2024, but so is saving money. So I cancelled my Netflix subscription (in an attempt to read more books lol) and bought this instead. The membership gets you $12 tickets all year, members only screenings, 10% off everything at the bar, and two free passes to a full-price session of your choice, i.e. it immediately pays for itself and you’d be a fool not to! – LD