It’s officially the year that Taylor Swift graces Australian shores with her highly anticipated Eras Tour. (And the closest she’s getting to Aotearoa.)

If you were one of the many unlucky Swifties who missed out on a coveted seat inside one of the stadiums, we’ve got some fantastic news for you.

Not only is there a sneaky way you can get yourself to the Eras Tour, but you could be getting paid to be there.

Recently, a video went viral on TikTok about a job posting looking for people to work as Casual Merchandise Assistants at the MCG for Taylor Swift’s Melbourne shows.

Originally, the posting said that applications would close on January 29, however the date was quickly changed to January 10 due to an “overwhelming response”. The ad has since been taken down.

But just because that ad is gone, doesn’t mean there won’t be other opportunities to get a spot inside the stadium.

Mia Hartounian, a college student in Nashville, Tennessee, tells 9honey she heard that she had got a job at the Eras Tour just 30 minutes before the gates opened.

“I tried to find tickets and it was kind of at the end of the semester,” she says. “But there was nothing less than $800, so I was like, as a college student, I probably shouldn’t do that, probably not the smartest decision.

“So then I found a job opportunity literally the day of like two hours [prior to the show], not even! I was searching and searching and searching and then I found it, I literally found it and just applied.”

Hartounian explained that she got to work the second night in Nashville, but there were plenty of people who had been there the previous night and were going to be there the following.

“I had no idea that this was a thing that people did,” she says.

Once she got the news she had received the job, she promptly started filming a TikTok to document the situation.

The video quickly went viral, now with over 1.8 million views and more than 280,000 likes.

Hartounian explained to 9honey the application was “super easy”, saying it was just basic information with no references or interviews needed, “it’s just kind of like you can come work or you can’t,” she says.

She ended up with a spot on the floor, handing out the wristbands that light up while Swift is on stage.

“It was a very entry-level job, like you hand them a wristband, they walk in,” she says.

But she while on shift, Hartounian managed to catch the attention of a member of Swift’s team.

“I wasn’t only there just to work a shift, I was actually Swiftie myself, so I was like, ‘oh my gosh I love your reputation outfit’, ‘Oh my gosh, love your era’,” she explains.

“I was connecting with the fans and the people rather than literally just handing out a wristband.”

While interacting with the concertgoers, Hartounian says that someone came up to ask her why she wanted to work the job.

She explained to him that she goes to school in Nashville and is actually a musician herself, and that Swift has been a huge inspiration to her.

“And then he was like, ‘OK, well, when you’re done, come find me’,” she says, it turns out the man she had been speaking to was a member of Swift’s team taking care of the lighting and pyrotechnics.

“It’s kind of crazy that came from working opportunity at an entry level job, you literally never know who you’re talking to,” she says.

While most others in Hartounian’s position were meant to check out and leave after their shift, plenty found places to stand and catch the show, but she got to watch the whole thing from the lighting booth.

“He would go into the booth and then come out and ask me if I had any questions, so I would ask him like, ‘how does she dive into the stage?’ And he would explain the metrics of it,” she says. “Or he would be like, ‘ok, watch this moment’ and then the flames came out.

“He was just excited to see my excitement, which I thought was really cool.”

She said one of the most exciting parts of the night was when she was given a guitar pick used by Swift on stage, “he gave it to me and I was like, wait, what?” she laughs.

While Mia had a uniquely exciting experience, she isn’t the only one who’s got a job at the stadium to get a glimpse of Swift on stage.

In 2018 when the superstar brought her Reputation stadium tour to Australia, Queenslander Jess Illidge pioneered the ‘getting a job to see Taylor Swift’ movement.

“I was a broke student that couldn’t afford tickets… so naturally when I saw a job posting for casual bartenders to work the stadium Taylor was playing in my city, I applied,” she tells 9honey.

“My first shift was the Rep tour, and I essentially got paid to watch and listen to the show while opening sparkling wine for five hours.

“I couldn’t see the whole stage, only the runway, and I was working the whole time but it was better than nothing.

“The only catch was we weren’t allowed to film the show at all or watch from the grandstand.”

Illidge added that although she initially applied for the job for the opportunity to watch the Reputation stadium tour, she ended up keeping it and working at the stadium every other weekend for another three years before graduating from University.

So, if you’re a Swiftie yet to get your hands on tickets and desperately refreshing the resale page, don’t despair – keep an eye out for job postings at the stadiums and an application in stat.

This story was first published on 9 Honey and was republished with permission.