A storage container with two kittens inside was abandoned at an Auckland vet, with the SPCA calling it an example of the “trying times”.

Staff from the Bucklands Beach Veterinary Clinic arrived to work on Thursday to find the kittens inside the box, which was taped shut and had little holes cut into the side.

In a post to Instagram, the SPCA said the kittens were left with no food or water, and very little air.

A note was reportedly left on top of the box, which said the two female cats were left as the price of desexing is “stupid”.

“F*** you they are yours now,” the note read.

The cats were then taken to SPCA Māngere, where support services manager Laura Millar said situations such as this one are becoming more common.

“We have seen incidents recently, including this one, which suggest some people are less able to provide for their pets citing cost-of-living pressures.

“Desexing is a vital part of responsible pet ownership, and it has significant health benefits for the animal.”

Millar said another recent incident involved a puppy which was tied to his SPCA van, surrendered by its owners who could no longer care for him.

“As the country’s largest animal welfare charity SPCA advocates for desexing to help drive down the population of unplanned litters whose needs cannot be met.

“Regional campaigns by SPCA National Desexing Programme help to meet the need for those struggling to absorb the cost.”

With various other animal rescue organisations struggling with the influx of animals, the SPCA said they are committed to helping these rescues to desex the animals that come into their care.

The SPCA Desexing Grant was established to provide financial support to other rescues around the country, by funding the costs of desexing.

“Anyone looking to add a pet to their family is encouraged to adopt from SPCA. All animals that are adopted from SPCA are desexed and microchipped.

“SPCA Centres have lots of kittens looking for homes as is typical of every kitten season. Those interested in adopting can view adoption profiles online.”