A new documentary about former Prime Minister Dame Jacinda Ardern is to be made.

As revealed by Variety, the feature-length film is currently untitled but will be produced by Madison Wells and is set to be released in 2025.

It will follow Ardern from when she took charge of the Labour Party, the birth of her daughter, through to her resignation last year.

Madison Wells chief and a producer of the film, Gigi Pritzker, said she is “proud” to be documenting Ardern’s “extraordinary” life.

“We are so proud that our first [documentary] chronicles the life of the extraordinary Jacinda Ardern. Her uniquely empathetic and inclusive leadership style has been and continues to be an inspiration to people everywhere, including me.”

Ardern told the New Zealand Herald she is supportive of the film.

“This project has my support,” she said.

“The producers have not sought or used Film Commission funding and that was important to me.”

Ardern said the documentary was “nerve-wracking” but “worth sharing”, she told the Herald.

The NZ Film Commission agreed to give $800,000 of taxpayer funds to a different documentary about Ardern, which is set to produced by Emma Slade.

At the time, the Film Commission said: “In February 2024, feature film funding of $800,000 was conditionally approved, to an amount equal to around 25% of the film’s total production budget of $3.2m.”

The Commission said that documentary was not a biopic, but would be in the context of the “rise of violent extremism and online hate in New Zealand”.