Ellen DeGeneres will be “done” with entertaining after her streamed special.

The former talk show host has suggested her impending retirement after Ellen’s Last Stand … Up Tour hits screens later in 2024 and her latest stand-up stint.

Speaking to the audience at her show in Santa Rosa, California, she said when asked where fans can see her next: “Um, no.

“This is the last time you’re going to see me. After my Netflix special, I’m done.”

She continued: “Thank you for still caring! Let me catch you up on what’s been going on with me since you last saw me. I got chickens.”

The 66-year-old star discussed the end of her long-running programme, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which ran for a decade from 2003 until 2022, but was marred by accusations of toxic behaviour by several executives in 2020, who were subsequently let go.

“Oh yeah, and I got kicked out of show business for being mean,” she quipped.

DeGeneres then suggested she would be “kicked out for being old next”.

She grinned: “Old, gay and mean — the triple crown.”

DeGeneres then joked: “I used to say, ‘I don’t care what people say about me’. Now, I realise I said that during the height of my popularity.”

She insisted: “I am many things — but I am not mean.”

In April, DeGeneres insisted she became the “most hated person in America” at one point. She stepped away from the spotlight after the final episode aired but returned to the public eye in April with her stand-up show at the Largo in Los Angeles, California. 

DeGeneres told the audience: “I got kicked out of show business. There’s no mean people in show business … [I became the] most hated person in America … the hate went on for a long time and I would try to avoid looking at the news.

“The ‘be kind’ girl wasn’t kind. That was the headline.”