TVNZ sports presenter Hayley Holt and her partner have announced that they are pregnant again.

She shared the news with Woman’s Day that she is expecting a little boy.

“I still can’t quite believe Raven will be getting a little brother,” Holt said.

“Because of my age, I was pretty sure that we’d just have Raven, so for this to happen feels really special and amazing.”

The 43-year-old admitted that it’s been getting harder to hide her baby bump as her May due date approaches.

“We kept it to ourselves for as long as we could because we wanted to be sure everything was going well. But now it feels great to share the news, and everyone has been so excited and happy for us.”

The broadcaster told Woman’s Day the family has become a tight unit since Hayley and her partner Josh Tito suffered the loss of Frankie Tai in April 2020 when she was nearly seven months pregnant.

She later miscarried another baby at 10 weeks.

“After what we went through with Frankie, there was a sense that Raven was just this very special little boy and our circle became really tight,” she said.

“I feel like this next one’s going to come in and break all that up, but in a great way. I think he’ll expand our horizons and sort of shake us out of our little circle. It’s going to be exciting.”