A Kiwi mother of five has set up a Facebook group to help parents cope with the high cost of school uniforms as current cost of living pressures are felt by many across the country – and she wants other parents to set up their own version.

The average uniform for a Kiwi student this year is up to $500.

Back 2 School Pay It Forward South Canterbury is a Facebook group that allows people to anonymously ask for help with school costs.

Page manager Kirstyn Walker told Breakfast this morning: “People are coming off the back of Christmas and some may have overspent, they know it’s coming but it’s just reality that people can’t put aside through the year to try and be able to fund these uniforms and stationary and all the back to school costs.

“So, we decided to do something about it.”

The South Canterbury page was set up “about three or four years ago”.

“I had an interview with your show a couple of years ago,” Walker told Breakfast. “From that sprung groups elsewhere in the country.

“It has expanded, we’d love to see it expand more. We just deal with South Canterbury parents only and it’s been really successful.

“Sometimes it actually starts off quite late, sort of about a week ago, people do leave it to the last minute – but that’s because it’s such a worry that they don’t even want to think about it.”

Walker said a lot of parents are too embarrassed to ask for help.

“This is why we ran the page so that it can be anonymous, so people can make a post anonymously just seeking something.

“It’s been working out really well.”