A musical about Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski trial is set to debut in Utah.

The Oscar-winning actress was involved in a high-profile legal dispute with Utah-based optometrist Terry Sanderson in 2023, and now Gwyneth Goes Skiing — the new musical play about their infamous court case — is about to open at The Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah, Variety reports.

The city is a world-famous destination for skiing enthusiasts — and was also the location of Gwyneth’s collision with the optometrist.

Linus Karp and Joseph Martin, the show’s creators, will play the actress and Sanderson respectively, while Trixie Mattel will play the part of Blythe Danner, Gwyneth’s mom.

Gwyneth, 51, and Sanderson collided on a ski slope back in 2016, and he subsequently sued the actress for US$3.1 million (NZ$5.04 million) in damages.

However, the Hollywood star was ultimately awarded US$1 (NZ$1.60) in damages after a jury found that Sanderson was “100%t” at fault for the accident.

Karp, of Awkward Productions, previously confessed to being captivated by the “ridiculousness” of the court case.

He told Sky News: “An Oscar-winning actress — Goop’s founding queen — put in a courtroom in Utah, having this man who is quite far from a Hollywood celebrity accusing her of these things … the silliness of it in a courtroom where everything is taken so seriously.

“The ridiculousness of it just made it so captivating.”

Elsewhere, Martin argued that the trial represented “solid gold for theatre”.

He said: “In the world of 24-hour rolling news, social media and television cameras being in courtrooms like that, every moment is an instant meme.

“It’s clicked instantly online, which gives you so much theatrical material to dive into.”