Getting an ice cream on a scorching hot day is a staple of a classic Kiwi summer. Granted, we’ve had more wet days than hot ones so far this summer, but there’s still time to get out and enjoy a scoop or two.

Whether you’re looking for a basic scoop from the corner dairy, or something a little bit fancier, I’ve got you covered.

I went on an incredibly important, hard-hitting journalism assignment with some colleagues (my two kids, age 3 and 1) to find out what’s available on the New Plymouth ice cream market.

There’s nothing quite like watching the joy on your kid’s face as they dig in into an ice cream the size of their head.

There’s also nothing quite like having to clean that ice cream up as it furiously melts all over their hands and clothes.

Iona Dairy, 4 Saint Aubyn St, New Plymouth

The dairy on New Plymouth’s Saint Aubyn St is so famous for its gigantic ice creams it’s got a triple scoop on the roof of the building.

While the cost of living has seen many retailers putting prices up, Iona Dairy has stayed affordable and consistent.

If anything, they give you too much bang for your buck.

A kiddie cone, big enough for an adult, will cost you $3, a single scoop $4, a double $5, a triple $6, a quadruple $7 and if you want to go beyond basics and fancy it up with a waffle cone, that’ll be an extra 60 cents.

The dairy is a hive of activity through summer. A continual buzz of people walking out barefoot with a single, double, triple, or even quadruple scoop.

We got a couple of double scoops, mixing things up with a chocolate and cookies and cream cone and a passionfruit and strawberry rocky road.

There was no denying the deliciousness of the flavours. They can’t be faulted.

But the logistics of the double scoop made me wonder who in their right mind is ordering a quadruple.

As soon as we stepped outside, the ice cream was dripping like a tap. And if you’ve ever watched a toddler eat an ice cream, you know they can’t keep up with that kind of drippage.

And for the 1-year-old, well, she basically just shoved her face into the ice cream. Something I can both appreciate and relate to.

Luckily, we had a change of clothes in the car.

Tinklebell Ice Cream van

Steve Faulkner and his iconic ice cream van can be found most weekends down at Ngāmotu Beach dishing out classic soft serve with a variety of toppings.

You won’t get a sky high ice cream here, but it’s a lot more kid and clean-up friendly.

We grabbed a small kid’s cup for $4 and a single choc nut with a flake for $4.50.

Pretty hard to beat the location of this one too, sitting on the grass looking out at the beach.

The setting was so idyllic it caused a meltdown because my 3-year-old wanted to stay at the beach.

I’m sure that was the reason and not the copious amounts of sugar consumed during taste testing.

Piccolo Morso Bakery & Gelato Lounge, 573 Devon St East, Fitzroy

For those that want to step their ice cream game up, head to Piccolo Morso in Fitzroy for a large range of gelatos.

Pink iced donut, Bayleys, tiramisu, pavlova, and Jelly Tip are just a few of the flavours on offer.

I chose a single scoop of double choc chip, an easy one for the whole family to enjoy, for $6.20. A double scoop goes for $11.

A bit on the pricier side, but easily the most delicious.

Honourable ice cream mentions: Little Liberty Creamery in Inglewood, Public Kitchen in the West End Precinct, The Wonky Cone Real Fruit Ice Cream at Brooklands Zoo, and Lush Cafe in Centre City.