Four drivers have lost their licence after they were clocked doing more than 140km/h on a Nelson road on Sunday evening.

The drivers were among seven motorists police caught travelling at high speed on Whataku Drive within one hour.

Tasman’s road policing manager Inspector Hamish Chapman said there’s “no excuse” that can justify dangerous or drink-driving.

“In one recent operation, seven motorists were found to be driving with excess breath alcohol, while many more have been caught using cell phones in operations targeting distracted driving.

“We’re urging motorists to think about their lives, their careers, their travel opportunities, and also other people,” Chapman said.

“The impact of being caught drink-driving, or travelling at dangerous speeds can have effects on you that you can’t anticipate.”

“Ask yourself what you’d say to a person’s family if your poor driving behaviour resulted in someone getting killed, and what you would tell your own family.

“There’s no excuse that can justify it.”

Anyone caught driving 40km/h above the speed limit has their licence suspended instantly, and will be summonsed to appear in court.