One of the pillars of Dinner Sorted is that the recipes I bring you should be seasonal, both in terms of their style and the produce they call for. The principle behind this is that seasonal produce should be the cheapest, the easiest to procure, and also the most local.

In 2023, however, as anyone who reads the news or shops for food knows, this hasn’t always been the case. Last summer’s catastrophic weather events have brought a year of scarcity and high prices.

But finally, the tide seems to be turning a bit, and I’ve been thrilled these last couple of weeks to finally see some affordable, New Zealand grown summer veg in shops. Courgette and capsicum are two of my favourites, but for the last eight or nine months they’ve been off the menu. This week, celebrate their return with these five delicious meals.

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Slow cooker ratatouille

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The classic summer stew with no hot stoves involved.

Quick zucchini and chickpea curry

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A fresh curry perfect for in-between weather.

Capsicum, sausages and fusilli

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Everyone loves pasta – here’s an easy seasonal version.

Summer chicken saute

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This method results in moist, tender meat.

Cheesy zucchini tart

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Puff pastry and plenty of cheese make for a vegetarian comfort meal.