A former farmer has smashed the women’s solo world record for most ewes shorn in eight hours.

Since 7am Sunday, full-time shearer Amy Silcock has been in a hot woolshed in northern Wairarapa, shearing hundreds of sheep with breaks every two hours.

The 37-year-old was attempting to beat 370 ewes in eight hours, previously set by UK farmer Marie Prebble in 2022.

For the entire eight hours, Silcock was ahead of Prebble’s pace, and reached 370 with half an hour left on her time. The final count had not yet been confirmed.

Shearing Sports NZ said the woolshed at Ross Na Clonagh in Pahiatua was full of supporters urging her on.

Over 1.3 tonnes of wool was estimated to have been shorn by Silcock during the time limit. For this record the sheep must weigh an average of 64 to 65kg each with an average of at least 3kg of wool.

This was Silcock’s third attempt at a world record in four years.

Silcock had previously claimed a record in the four-stand women’s lambshearing record. She first attempted the eight-hour solo ewe record in January 2023, but was not successful, and said it had been a useful learning experience.

The ewes in that attempt had been more than an average of 1kg heavier, it rained, and Silcock said she could see ways to build a stronger support crew for this attempt.

Last month, New Zealanders also claimed two international women’s lambshearing records.