A local couple hopes to make floristry affordable to all.

Jared and Meriana Ovens bought The Florist, in Thames St, late last year and opened last week.

Mrs Ovens said she wanted to make the business “a place for everyone”.

After completing a business course last year, Mrs Ovens wanted to open a flower shop.

The couple considered a road-side flower stall but the opportunity with The Florist came up.

“It all just sort of fell into place,” she said.

Before the purchase, Mr Ovens was working on a dairy farm and Mrs Ovens was a stay-at-home mum to their three children.

Mrs Ovens said the business could not compete with supermarket prices but they still aimed to make their flowers and products affordable.

“We want anyone to come into The Florist.”

An arrangement could be organised according to people’s price range or smaller bouquets would be available.

The flowers were being sourced from South Island distributors and local growers.

The couple did not have floristry experience but had hired Julie-Anne Smith, a florist with more than 40 years’ experience.

Ms Smith said the couple were “bringing a fresh, young approach back to the industry”.

Mrs Ovens said she planned to focus more on the book-keeping but hoped to get involved in the floristry after completing some courses.

She was looking forward to doing flowers for weddings.

Her favourite flower was Celosia cristata, commonly known as cockscomb, a flower she had learned about since buying the business.

“That’s what I love about The Florist … I’m learning every day.

“When you’re surrounded by pretty things, how can you have a bad day?”