Food manufacturer Kiwigarden has voluntarily recalled all batches of its dairy-free yoghurt drops after traces of milk and casein were found.

“Minute traces” of the dairy products were found in two batches this week, prompting the company to recall the product.

“Further tests identified a second batch with the presence of milk, and we are moving quickly to completely remove this product from the market and home pantries,” Kiwigarden general manager Johnny Wiggins said.

“No other Kiwigarden are affected and remain safe for consumption.”

The products being recalled are Kiwigarden 50g Coconut Vanilla Dairy Free Yoghurt Drops, Kiwigarden 10g Coconut Vanilla Dairy Free Yoghurt Drops, and Kiwigarden 14g Coconut Vanilla Dairy FreeYoghurt Drops.

Wiggins said the company was taking an “extremely cautious approach” following the discovery.

“We take the welfare of our consumers very seriously and deeply regret the presence of dairy in this dairy-free product. We are now recalling all batches and suspending production for the foreseeable future,” he said.

The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI has been advised), and while there is extremely low risk when consuming the product, the “company’s approach is to err on the side of caution”.

“The presence of milk and casein is extremely small, but this is a product for babies and toddlers, so it’s important that we do the right thing. “

“We have received no consumer complaints and are not aware of any adverse health effects arising from this product,” Wiggins said.

Consumers can return their yoghurt drops to their nearest Kiwigarden stockist for a full refund.