A Dunedin rubbish skip company is expanding to wheelie bins despite the city council launching its own service this year.

The council’s new kerbside collection service, taking effect on July 1, will introduce a 140-litre food scraps and garden waste wheelie bin and replace plastic rubbish bags with a 140-litre bin.

The option of a fortnightly 240-litre garden waste bin could be added for an additional charge.

But that has not stopped locally owned Save Money Skips from launching subsidiary Otago Wheelie Bins.

Owner Shane Maaka believed the business could be a success because the council bins would not be large enough for many customers.

He said most wheelie bin customers had a 240-litre bin that was emptied weekly, whereas the council would provide a 140-litre bin emptied fortnightly.

“That’s not really going to work if the council scheme comes in and then you’ve got three times the waste left over after you’ve filled the council’s bin.”

His company would offer more flexibility than competitors, which he said offered only one-year contracts.

This was an issue for customers who did not want to pay for a year when they would get a bin from the council in six months’ time.

Otago Wheelie Bins had already bought 400 bins and since Monday had delivered about 100 to customers.

Weekly collections would begin in the next few weeks.

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