Avatar: The Way of Water star Cliff Curtis has paid tribute to late Oscar-winning producer Jon Landau.

Landau, who worked closely with director James Cameron on three of the world’s biggest blockbusters – Titanic, Avatar, and its sequel Avatar: The Way of Water – died on Sunday. He was 63.

Curtis, who plays Chief Tonowari in the 2022 sequel to Avatar, was in Auckland as boxer David Nyika’s opponent was announced in his attempt to launch his tilt at the world cruiserweight.

The 55-year-old actor told 1News the screen industry was “devastated by his loss”.

“I know our family down in Wellington, where we’re shooting, they did a memorial for him this morning.”

Curtis said: “Everyone’s very much in shock. Jon’s worked with Jim Cameron for 31 years of Jim’s career.

“I think we’re all kind of reeling and just need a minute to sort of think… We just need a moment.”

He said Landau was a “great, great producer” who was also “so kind and generous and sort of the antithesis of the Hollywood stereotype of a producer”.

“He was just such a man of integrity and honour and just very, very attentive and kind to everybody – [it] didn’t matter who you were; what part you had in the making of a production. He was very attentive to people.”

Curtis said he admired Landau’s character “as a man”, as well as his ability to “find that special balance of family and having a world-class career in Hollywood”.

“He didn’t compromise either… He was completely dedicated to his wife and his children and his family and his work simultaneously, somehow.”

He said the films Landau worked on with Cameron were “legacy pieces” which would stand the test of time.

“His legacy will live on through Jim’s films and it’s a beautiful thing.”

Curtis was set to appear in three other Avatar sequels.