No matter the age or life experience, every person is secretly guilty of one particular crime: throwing out belongings that could have been repaired.

However, Canterbury retiree Arthur Linnell is setting an example for everyone – by fixing children’s toys.

Within the walls of a small garage near Christchurch, Linnell restores decades-old playthings so they can be enjoyed by the next generation.

“I’m a cunning old bloke,” he chuckled to 1News.

“I found out that if I’m kept busy, my wife doesn’t annoy me to do things around the house.”

The former maintenance engineer has several projects on the go at the moment, each job carrying special memories and sentimental value.

He recently worked on two wooden toy trucks made in 1982 for two boys, Jonathan and Andrew, by their granddad.

Decades of wear and tear had taken a toll on the vehicles, which were in need of a new set of wheels and a chassis.

The trucks were then handed down to Sue Pulley, who brought the heirlooms to Linnell in the hopes of restoring her father’s creations to their former glory.

After leaving them in Linnell’s care for a few days, she went to pick up the toys – and their transformation left her beyond delighted.

To see Linnell work his magic to restore the children’s toys, click on the video above.