It’s been a year since the first food scraps bins were delivered to Auckland homes, aiming to save organic waste from the landfill – so how have residents of our biggest city been getting on with the initiative?

Some have loved it so far, while others have expressed concern over the smell or insects if scraps are left for too long.

Parul Sood, Auckland Council’s general manager for waste solutions, told Breakfast this morning: “I believe it’s been going really well.

“We have diverted collectively almost 19,000 tonnes from landfill, so that has to be a success.

“Why would you want to waste that resource by putting it in a landfill?”

The council has been turning the scraps into clean energy and liquid fertiliser. That fertiliser could be used to grow more food.

What’s more, emissions were being reduced through the process, Sood said, adding Aucklanders “love it”.

“They suddenly realise what they were wasting. Were they buying extra bread that’s now just getting mouldy and going into that bin?

“How much less are they putting in their rubbish bin as well?”

On the other hand, Sood acknowledged the bins could attract fruit flies and maggots.

“People also tell me they are finding other ways to deal with it,” she continued.

“Put the material in a colder place, or even put it in your fridge before you put it in for collection.”

And after a “few issues” in the beginning, people were putting the right stuff in there.

“It’s just that change in behaviour to start with,” Sood said.